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Pyth Network Weekly Recap: April 19th – April 26th

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CodedForum Community Members,

We’re delighted to share with you the latest developments within the Pyth Network over the past week. Here’s a comprehensive recap of what transpired:

1. Dapps Integrations:

  • Aqua: Native announces the launch of the pioneering on-chain credit-based trading platform, Aqua.
  • Cadence: Introduces a perpetuals protocol on Canto, covering assets from RWAs to LSDs.
  • FWX: Unveils an AMM-based leveraged swap platform, enabling users to list tokens from inception by providing liquidity.
  • TLX: Presents a leveraged trading platform on Optimism, offering users up to 20x exposure across a variety of assets.

2. New Blockchains:

  • Morph: Unveils a fully permissionless EVM L2 utilizing optimistic and zero knowledge rollup technology to unlock limitless possibilities in finance, gaming, social media, and entertainment.

3. New Price Feeds:

  • BOME: Solana memecoin created by Darkfarms1, aiming to establish a long-lasting storage system for memecoins.
  • MEW: Solana meme coin by MewsWorld.
  • INF: Solana LST by Sanctumso, a multi-LST liquidity pool supporting whitelisted tokens like SOL, bSOL, bonkSOL, cgntSOL, driftSOL, and others.
  • ZEUS: Governance token of Zeus Network, a permissionless communication layer on Solana and Bitcoin.
  • LL: Native token of LightLink, an Ethereum L2 enabling dApps and enterprises to offer users instant, gasless transactions.
  • SYN: Governance token of Synapse, empowering stakers to vote on governance initiatives.
  • HASUI: By Haedal Protocol, a yield-bearing token representing ownership of the SUI staked.

4. Community Updates:

  • Announcement of a community campaign involving PYTH Governance Token stakers by LightLink. Link
  • Pyth Director’s insights on current market trends and Pyth’s role in super-charging DeFi growth. Link
  • Introduction of a new Discord game “Hangman” with exciting prizes and clues. Join the Discord

Feel free to explore the provided links for further engagement and information. We’re excited to bring you more updates from Pyth in the coming weeks!

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